Updates for January 4-8

My dearest pupils,

Here are some IMPORTANT updates!

  1. Please remember to check your NHPS.net email at least twice per week, if not more! I send out important notices and reminders. If you don’t know your NHPS.net password send me an email immediately.
  2. Anyone who has not registered an Independent Reading book by Wednesday will lose ONE POINT PER CLASS off their total point grade. Independent Reading is MANDATORY and counts for 15 points toward your final grade. Read more here.
  3. If you have not yet registered for Google Classroom you will lose ONE POINT PER CLASS off your total point grade. Registration instructions are here. You must log in using your NHPS.net email address and password. Come see me if you are having trouble.
  4. All students must register for membean starting today. membean is a site that helps you learn vocab in a few different ways. For more information on how to enroll, go here. You need to complete 20 minutes of membean by Sunday, January 10. 
  5. MIDTERMS ARE COMING UP. Your final will be a series of short questions and a longer essay about Shakespeare and Romeo and Juliet. The best way to study? Review the work you’ve done so far in class and for homework. Speaking of classwork and homework…
  6. Check Powerschool ASAP to see what you are missing. All grades will be updated tonight. Grades close on January 22nd.
  7. The January Creative Writing Challenge is now LIVE!


Remember, I’m always here if you need help!

Mrs. Waz