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HW and Character Map Mini Project

This post is for ALL CLASSES. The following assignments are due 2/22 (6B/7B) and 2/23 (2A/3A).

  • membean: You DO NOT need to do membean over the break. However, if you have forgotten to do membean so far this marking period, you may make up missing membean minutes until Sunday, February 21.
  • Vocab: Define 1 new word (2 words for Honors students) from our Ethan Frome vocab bank and use it in your own sentence.
  • Ethan Frome: Read Chapter 3 and answer Guiding Questions.
  • Character Map Mini Project: Please see the slide and photos below for guidance. Your final character map must include the following:
    • ONLY the characters Ethan, Mattie, and Zeena.
    • Thoughtful use of color.
    • Relationships between characters.
    • How the characters feel about one another.
    • A 2-3 sentence bio for each character somewhere on your map
    • Your map can be digital or created on paper/canvas/posterboard, etc.

Remember to use your Character Analysis organizer as a guidewhen creating your character map!

Note: The handout we worked on in class is only for notes and organizing your thoughts. Your final character map must be on its own clean sheet of paper/poster/canvas, etc.

1A: No homework.

Examples of character maps:

Please contact me with ANY questions you may have!