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Unit 3 – Argument Writing Final Assessment

Argument Writing Final Assessment Document

Argument Writing District Rubric

Argument Graphic Organizer

Write an argumentative essay evaluating the degree to which one of the main characters meets their definition of independence. To what extent can he or she be characterized as independent? How independent is he/she really?

Remember to:

  • Cite strong and thorough textual evidence to support claims about the characters.
  • Analyze how a complex character develops over the course of a text.
  • Use words, phrases, and clauses to link major sections of a text, create cohesion, and clarify relationships between ideas.
  • Think about the criteria of independence discussed in class.

Your paper should include the following:

  • At least 3 pieces of evidence
  • Each piece of evidence must have 1 well connected warrant supported by backing.
  • Each piece of evidence should be supported by at least 2 properly cited quotes from the text.
  • There must be an introduction, conclusion, and body paragraphs.
  • Remember the AXES paragraph format!

12 pt. font; Times New Roman, Arial, or Helvetica. Double spaced. 1in. margins.

Please submit your draft and final essay as a Google Doc!

Timeline (REVISED):

  • Due 3/21 (B), 3/22 (A): Outline (graphic organizer), begin first draft.
  • Due 3/23 (B), 3/24 (A) & 3/28 (B) 3/29 (A): Finish first draft, self-assessment using district rubric.
  • Due3/30 (B), 3/31 (A): Peer-review, in-class writing conferences.
  • Due 4/4: Final draft.

Final essay due to Mrs. Wasley on: