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English 1 & 2 Presentation and Homework 9/14 (A) & 9/15 (B)

All classes – 40 minutes of Membean is due by Sunday, September 18.

English 1

Character Trading Cards Project Description

In case you missed class…

Complete Activity 3 (begin trading cards project).


  • Read through Chapter 8 (pg. 59)
  • Sophie, Tante Atie, and Martine trading cards due Tuesday,  9/20 (A) and Wednesday, 9/21 (B).
  • 6B, 7B, 8B: Bring in 1 artifact representing Haiti (due 9/21)

English 2

In case you missed class…

Complete Activity 1 (Part 1) using the following passage:

I turned around and saw most of the town people and the entire bus delegation looking at me. Miss Caroline and I had conferred twice already, and they were looking at me in the annocent assurance that familiarity breeds understanding.

I rose graciously on Walter’s behalf: “Ah-Miss Caroline?”

“What is it, Jean Louise?”

Miss Caroline, he’s a Cunningham.”

I sat back down.

“What, Jean Louise?”

I thought I had made things sufficiently clear. It was clear enough to the rest of us: Walter Cunningham was sitting there lying his head off. He didn’t forget his lunch, he didn’t have any. He had none today nor would he have any tomorrow or the next day. He had probably never seen three quarters together at the same time in his life.

I tried again: “Walter’s one of the Cunninghams, Miss Caroline.”

“I beg your pardon, Jean Louise?”

“That’s okay, ma’am, you’ll get to know all the county folks after a while. The Cunninghams never took anything they can’t pay back—no church baskets and no scrip stamps. They never took anything off of anybody, they get along on what they have. They don’t have much, but they get along on it.”


  • Read Chapter 4.
  • Answer these questions in the form of at least two very well developed AXES paragraphs:
    • Choose two characteristics of Atticus that show the reader what he is like as a dad.
    • Prove it with lines from the text.

Note: Your response should be at least ½-1 page. You may handwrite your response and turn it into the classwork bin or submit a Google doc.