2016-2017 · Announcements

ANNOUNCEMENT: Baseline Writing Task

Hi everyone!

I wanted to let you know that I’m now grading your baseline tasks. Please make a mental note NOT to freak out if your score is lower than you anticipated. I set you off on this mission without any explicit instruction or practice—which is why it’s called a “baseline”. I’m grading you knowing what we are trying to learn by the end of your unit.
Your grade for this task will be based on whether you turned it in on time, to what extent you followed the directions, and if you titled your document correctly. You will NOT be graded on your performance in the task. Our goal is to help you move up at least one box in the rubric.
I will also be adding a note in your comments regarding an individual goal I’d like to work on with you. These will be different from student to student. I’d like to meet with you all at least once to go over this goal between now and mid-October.
I hope this helps to explain the grading and rubric scoring process. Again, this is simply a formative assessment of your work; the goal is to track your progress. No one is expected to achieve all 4s at this point.
Mrs. Wasley