2016-2017 · English 1 · Marking Period 1

English 1 – Unit 1: BEM Test Prep


Take-Home Test Question
The most important thing to bring to class with you on 10/27 (A) & 10/28 (B) is your response to the Take-Home Test Question. The instructions can be accessed here: Unit 1 Test: Breath, Eyes, Memory – Take-Home Portion

Your response to this question may be typed and PRINTED or handwritten. It needs to be brought with you to the test.
To Prepare For Your Test
Here is a document that contains possible test questions for the test: Possible BEM Unit 1 Test Questions

There will be AT LEAST one question from each category on the test. Many of them are about topics that are directly related. Study for
To best prepare, choose some questions and take notes on how you might answer them. Search through your book for quotations, noting chapters and page numbers.
Your test will be OPEN NOTES, OPEN BOOK.
Please contact me if you have any questions about this.