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English 1 M2 Honors Project – “Stolen Tongues”

English 1

“Stolen Tongues” Comparative Analysis Paper

Note: A link to the digital copy of the story, as well as an audio version, were sent to your email account.

Your Task

Stories passed down through generations and shared by word of mouth change with each retelling. A natural consequence is that common elements (characters and their traits, plot points, etc.) often make their way into other stories—and sometimes inspire new and creative ideas.

Compare and contrast the characteristics of the supernatural being (“the Impostor”) in “Stolen Tongues” to at least 2 other cryptids and creatures found in Native American legends. Your analysis, which must be at least 3-5 pages in length, should show the ways in which “the Impostor” may have been inspired by some of these other supernatural beings.

The analysis must be supported by information from at least 3 outside sources, in addition to the anchor text, Blackwell’s “Stolen Tongues”. One of these sources should provide some background on Pike’s Peak and a brief history of the Native American nation(s) whose legends you are including in your analysis.

Essay Requirements

  • Length: 3-5 pages
  • MLA Format
  • Works Cited Page
  • At least 3 outside sources, plus the anchor text, “Stolen Tongues” by Felix Blackwell
  • Paper Title:
    • First Name Last Name – English 1 – M2 Honors Paper – “Stolen Tongues” Comparative Analysis
  • Share with Mrs. Wasley in Google Docs from your student account.
  • All revisions from first draft to final paper must take place in the same Google Doc.
  • DO NOT write in first or second person! This is a formal, academic paper.


  • Fri., December 16: Two or more questions for the author (email to Mrs. Wasley)
  • Fri., December 23: Three or more sources for your paper (email to Mrs. Wasley)
  • Fri. December 23: Outline for your paper (an organizer will be provided)
  • Fri., January 6: First Draft Due
  • Mon., January 16 (11:59PM): Final Paper Due

More details, including critical thinking questions and background on the story, can be found on the project document linked at the top of this post.