2016-2017 · English 1 · Homework · Makeup Work · Marking Period 2 · Presentations

English 1 – Presentation & Homework 12/8 (A) & 12/9 (B)

English 1


In case you were out…

  • Complete Activity 1

Homework (Due 12/12 (A) &12/13 (B))

  • Choose two of the questions in the first column of the Creation Stories Chart and compose at least one paragraph for each question comparing the similarities and differences between each of the three creation stories.

    Your paragraphs should have an Assertion, eXamples from each story, Explanations for each example, and a Significance statement to tie everything together.

    You may use any of the organizers in class to help you write your paragraphs.

    Final paragraphs should be submitted via Google Docs to Mrs. Wasley. Please title the document as follows:

    • First Name Last Name – Period # – Creation Stories Analysis