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English 2 – Presentation & Homework 12/8 (A)

English 2


In case you were out…

  • Finish reading Act 3
  • Complete Activity 3 using the chart
  • Complete the assigned reading and homework

Homework (Due Mon. 12/12)

  • Read Chapter 1 of The Hunger Games (pgs. 4-21)
  • Give the opening chapter of The Hunger Games a song you think rises up out of the words on these pages. Email Mrs. Wasley your responses to the following questions:
    • What song would you pick?
    • Why?
    • What lines made you think of this song?
    • Copy and paste a link to the song here if you can find it on YouTube so we can hear some of these songs.
    • Note: This song cannot be from the official Hunger Games soundtrack.
  • 40 min Membean by Sunday