2016-2017 · English 1 · Marking Period 4 · Performance Tasks

English 1: M4 Performance Task – Written Speech

For Marking Period 4, your task is to compose and deliver a written speech that uses the rhetorical elements and techniques we have discussed in class. Your speech should persuade your audience toward a specific position on a topic that you find interesting.

Requirements: You will need to include the following in your written speech:

  • SOAPSTone elements
  • Ethos, pathos, and logos
  • Personal narrative
  • Researched information (with sources) to support the points you are making
  • Appropriate word choice (diction) appropriate for your intended audience
  • Diction techniques: (choose 2: parallel structure, anaphora, and/or polysyndeton)

Presentation: After you have written your speech, you must present it to the class in some format. You may simply read your speech, use a multimedia approach (like the TED Talks we have seen), or record an audio/film version to share with the class.

See the Google Doc for the complete guidelines.

Your final speech is due Thursday, 5/31 (A) and Friday, 6/1 (B)