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English 1 & 2: ROUGH DRAFTS DUE 5/22 (A) & 5/23 (B)

Hello everyone!

The rough draft of your M4 performance task is due on Monday, 5/22 (A) & Tuesday, 5/23 (B).

Each class will be conducting peer reviews. Your rough draft counts toward your final performance task grade and your participation in peer review will be graded as double classwork.

Please bring a PRINTED copy of your paper to class. Contact me if you do not have access to a printer.

Also, I sent out an email about MLA formatting. Please be sure to check that email and follow the instructions.

Contact me with any questions or concerns.

Have a great day,

Mrs. Wasley

2016-2017 · English 1 · Marking Period 4 · Performance Tasks

English 1: M4 Performance Task – Written Speech

For Marking Period 4, your task is to compose and deliver a written speech that uses the rhetorical elements and techniques we have discussed in class. Your speech should persuade your audience toward a specific position on a topic that you find interesting.

Requirements: You will need to include the following in your written speech:

  • SOAPSTone elements
  • Ethos, pathos, and logos
  • Personal narrative
  • Researched information (with sources) to support the points you are making
  • Appropriate word choice (diction) appropriate for your intended audience
  • Diction techniques: (choose 2: parallel structure, anaphora, and/or polysyndeton)

Presentation: After you have written your speech, you must present it to the class in some format. You may simply read your speech, use a multimedia approach (like the TED Talks we have seen), or record an audio/film version to share with the class.

See the Google Doc for the complete guidelines.

Your final speech is due Thursday, 5/31 (A) and Friday, 6/1 (B)