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English 1 & 2: ROUGH DRAFTS DUE 5/22 (A) & 5/23 (B)

Hello everyone!

The rough draft of your M4 performance task is due on Monday, 5/22 (A) & Tuesday, 5/23 (B).

Each class will be conducting peer reviews. Your rough draft counts toward your final performance task grade and your participation in peer review will be graded as double classwork.

Please bring a PRINTED copy of your paper to class. Contact me if you do not have access to a printer.

Also, I sent out an email about MLA formatting. Please be sure to check that email and follow the instructions.

Contact me with any questions or concerns.

Have a great day,

Mrs. Wasley

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English 2: M4 Performance Task – Sci-Fi Comparative Analysis

For Marking Period 4, your task is to compose a comparative analysis that addresses one of the following prompts.

A. Is there hope in a post-apocalyptic world? Use evidence from The Road and at least one other text. Think about instances in the texts where the reader may glimpse how hope can exist in a post-apocalyptic world.

B. What are rules of humanity and to what extent are they followed in a post-apocalyptic world? Use evidence from The Road and at least one other text. Include examples from both texts that reveal how the rules are followed and how humanity is breaking down.
Note: Although you must use The Road as one text in your speech, you can choose to use “Wall-E” AND/OR a text not studied in class. This text can be another novel, short story, poem, movie, television show, video game, or another type of media. Remember: Your examples from both texts must be SPECIFIC. You must use MLA formatting when citing each text both in-line and in your Works Cited page.

See the Google Doc for the complete guidelines.

Your final paper is due Thursday, 5/31.

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English 2: Lesson 5 (5/4)

English 2

In case you were out…

  • Watch the presentation in order to understand the meaning of “extrapolation”
  • Read this article on the origins of science fiction 
  • Choose one of these sci-fi story summaries
  • Answer these questions
    • What technology appears in the story?
    • How does this technology impact humans?
    • Based on the plot summary, describe at least 2 examples of extrapolation appear in this story.


  • Read The Road through page 57 (end with “Yeah, the man said. We can go.”)
    • Highlight specific examples of kindness and horror in the story. Make notes on the blank pages, too!
    • Include page numbers—we’ll be sharing these passages next class.