2016-2017 · English 1 · English 2 · Homework · Marking Period 3

English 1 & 2 – Presentation & Homework 4/24 (a) & 4/25 (B)

English 1 & 2

In case you were out…

  • Complete the 4 paragraph reflection answering the following questions:
    • Think back on your experience in English class from January through March. Think carefully and make some notes before you write. This reflection will be graded based on what you write and how well you write.

      Answer all of the following questions in at least one paragraph each. Be honest and respectful in your responses.

      1. What was your favorite assignment?
      2. What skill do you think you improved the most?
      3. What skill do you feel you need to work on the most?
      4. Did you try your hardest, or did you take it easy this marking period, and why?
2016-2017 · English 2 · Homework · Marking Period 3 · Presentations

English 2 – Presentation & Homework 3/3

English 2

In case you were out…

  • Answer these two questions in 3-4 sentences each using evidence from To Build A Fire:
    • In what ways does the dog serve as a bridge between the domestic and wild world?
    • How does his behavior and instinct contrast with that of the protagonist?


Compose a 1 page response to the following question:

What is the relationship between humans and nature in Jack London’s To Build A Fire?

  • You must include (and explain!) at least 2 quotes/passages from the story in your response.
  • You may handwrite your response or type and print it.
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English 1: Unit 3 Performance Task

Argumentative Essay: Evaluating Independence

Write an argument of judgment essay evaluating the degree to which Christopher from The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time meets the definition of independence. To what extent can he be characterized as independent, interdependent, or dependent?

Remember to:

  • Analyze how a complex character develops over the course of a text.
  • Remember to include the STEAL elements in your character analysis.
  • Explain to the ways in which the character meets/does not meet the criteria of independence.
  • Cite strong and thorough textual evidence to support claims about the character.
  • Use words, phrases, and clauses to link major sections of a text, create cohesion, and clarify relationships between ideas.

Your paper should include the following:

  • At least 3 pieces of evidence from the text.
  • Each piece of evidence must have 1 well connected warrant supported by backing.
  • Each piece of evidence should be supported by at least 2 properly cited quotes from the text.
  • There must be an introduction, conclusion, and body paragraphs.
  • Remember the AXES paragraph format!
  • Approximately 3-4 pages in length
  • MLA Formatting: 12 pt. font; Times New Roman, Arial, or Helvetica. Double spaced. 1 in. margins.


  • Due Date: 3/9 (A) & 3/10 (B): Outline (graphic organizer), begin first draft.
  • Due Date: 3/17 (A) & 3/20 (B): Finish first draft, self-assessment using the Unit Performance Task Rubric.
  • Due Date: 3/23 (A) & 3/24 (B): Peer review, in-class writing conferences.
  • Due Friday, 3/31: Final essay (printed and handed in to the Homework bin.


2016-2017 · English 1 · Homework · Marking Period 3 · Presentations

English 1 – Presentation & Homework 3/1 (A) & 3/2 (B)

English 1

In case you were out…


  • Find evidence in your book of the ways Christopher is independent and dependent
    • At least 5 examples total, including at least 1 example for independence and dependence
    • These examples should include specific quotes w/PAGE NUMBERS
  • Finish the book by 3/7(A) & 3/8 (B)
  • 40 min of membean