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Name the Lionfish!

Lionfish are one of my favorite sea creatures. This little lionfish is brand new to me—and I want to know more!Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 10.41.36 AM

Here are some of the things we know about this particular lionfish:

  • Originally from the Great Barrier Reef, but has traveled extensively.
  • Enjoys the company of other animals.
  • Very curious and likes to explore.
  • Favorite foods are minnows and shrimp.

Your creative writing piece may be in the form of a short story, poem, song, or another medium approved by Mrs. Wasley. The student with the best creative response gets to name the lionfish!

Naming rules:

  • Must be school appropriate
  • No references to food made out of fish.
  • The lionfish’s last name is Wasley.

Mrs. Wasley will choose the winner. Submissions must be delivered to Mrs. Wasley via email ( by September 30th.

The challenge launches TODAY!

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