Class Policies, Guidelines, and Schedules

Below are the Class Policies and Guidelines English 1 and English 2. This documents are available for download. Please note that each class is also eligible for Honors credit.

On the final page is an agreement that each student and their parent or guardian must sign and return by Friday, September 9, 2016.

English 1

English 2

English 1 & English 2 Updated Homework/Makeup Work Policy Agreement

Remember: If you or your parents would like to see grades and/or missing assignments, Powerschool is updated at least every 10 days.

How to Contact Me

Email: Email is the best way to reach me.


Phone: 203.946.6610 ext. 3304; I am generally available by phone from 7-7:30AM.

Twitter and Instagram: Follow me @wasleyenglish!

Extra help: For extra help, contact me for an appointment. 

When you get to class/”Do Now”
Appropriate Language
Homework and Late Work
Smartphones and Laptops
Absences and Makeup Work
Grading Policies and Extra Credit
Independent Reading

When you get to class/”Do Now”:

  • Collect your journal.
  • Take a seat.
  • Take out a pen or pencil.
  • Take out homework. We may discuss it or you may be instructed to hand it in to the HOMEWORK bin.
  • Begin the “Do Now” on the board. If there is not a “Do Now”, please wait quietly for instructions.

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You must be prepared each and every day in order to be successful in my class.

  • Punctuality is essential and expected everyday.
  • Class begins when I close my door. If the door is closed when you arrive, you will be marked late.
  • Limited extra supplies are available on an as-needed basis. Please ask for supplies before the start of class.

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Students are expected to put forth their best effort every day in class. Always do your own best work. Put learning ahead of getting good grades and quality ahead of getting work done.

  • You must raise your hand before speaking out, and you must not be talking to other students or doing other work during class discussions or presentations. This is a common courtesy for all of us and interruptions will not be tolerated.
  • On-topic questions are always welcome; if there is not time for an answer, you may write down your question and either come to see me at the end of class or send me the question via email.

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Appropriate Language

There is a zero-tolerance policy in regard to offensive, derogatory, and profane language. In order to have a safe classroom environment where all students (and adults!) feel comfortable, swear words, racist, anti-semitic slurs, homophobic language, misogynist insults, and slang words with demeaning connotations are never considered acceptable. Use of this language will result in a call home, a formal write-up, and in addition, the school administration will be notified.

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Remember that the work you turn in is a reflection of your effort on the assignment. Your effort impacts your grade. Think about the following expectations when you are preparing an assignment that I will review:

  • Write your full name and period number on all assignments.
  • All work must be neatly done and legible in order to receive credit. If you print, capitalize properly (do not write using all capital letters).
  • ALL MAJOR ASSIGNMENTS, ESSAYS & PROJECTS MUST BE TYPED. Final draft format for typewritten work is as follows: 12-point standard font such as Arial, Helvetica, Times New Roman, etc., double-spaced, 1” margins.

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Homework and Late Work

Homework assigned in my class should be completed by the following class unless otherwise instructed. Completing assignments is critical to your success in my class. I understand you have very busy schedules, so it is important to practice effective time management. As such, I do not assign an extensive amount of homework each class. That being said, the homework I do assign is designed to be meaningful and essential to your understanding of the content, and I expect you to complete it and turn it in.

  • Homework is due the following class unless otherwise specified. Due dates are noted on the top left side of all homework documents.
  • All homework is available on the website. Paper copies are also available in the classroom.

Homework may be submitted via email (

Homework, projects, assessments, and classwork must be turned in on time. All class materials are posted on with the corresponding due date. Late work will receive partial credit. Extenuating circumstances will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

The complete Homework/Makeup Work Policy Agreement can be found here.

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Smartphones and Laptops

Students are expected to check their school email 2-3 times per week or more. Students must use their school email when communicating with me.

I am a strong believer in Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD). The use of smartphones and laptops are encouraged for designated assignments in class. There will be many opportunities for you to use your own technology, and you will be informed if you are expected to use technology for an activity/assignments. The guidelines for BYOD are as follows:

  • Phones that need to be charged must be plugged in by the start of class.
  • If I see you using electronics when they are not required for class, they must be immediately turned into me.
  • Should my request for your device be met with attitude or disrespect, your phone will be sent down to the office, I will make a call home, and administration will be contacted.
  • Devices may be plugged in to charge PRIOR to the beginning of class. Once phones or devices are plugged in, they may not be removed until the end of the class, unless permission is granted.
  • Filming of other students and/or the teacher in class is considered inappropriate at all times. Videos posted online via SnapChat, Instagram, YouTube, or other social media sites should be reported immediately. Students who film, post, or share videos filmed without permission in the classroom will receive a call home, a formal write-up, and in addition, the school administration will be notified.

ESUMS’ schoolwide smartphone policy is as follows: Phones confiscated by staff for inappropriate use are to be brought down to the main office where they remain until they are picked up by a parent/guardian at the end of the school week.

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Absences and Makeup Work

When you are absent from class (for any reason) it is YOUR responsibility to get the work and notes you missed. Makeup work is a modified combination of the classwork and homework; you are only responsible for the makeup work assigned for that class.

  • You can access presentations, homework and makeup work on Paper copies are also available in the classroom.
  • Each document is marked “HOMEWORK”, “IN-CLASS”, or “MAKEUP WORK” on the top right corner. Each document has the original due date for A & B days on the top left corner.
  • Any and all makeup work can be handed in to the HOMEWORK bin or it may be submitted via email (
  • All makeup work should be handed in at the beginning of the class following your absence. Late makeup work must be accompanied by a note or email from a parent/guardian.

The complete Homework/Makeup Work Policy Agreement can be found here.

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During class, you must act responsibly, cooperatively, and you must do YOUR OWN WORK.

  • Cheating on homework, in-class work, quizzes/tests, or any other written work will result in zeros for both parties, a call home, and a write-up.
  • Plagiarism is unacceptable. All sources must be cited. Submitting a paper or project previously completed for another class, contest, or project constitutes plagiarism. Plagiarism result in a zero, a call home, and a write-up.
  • All written work must be completed in your own words.

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Grading Policies

In-class assignments, homework, quizzes, tests, and essays are graded using a total points system. Points are as follows:

  • Assessments: 40%
  • Projects: 25%
  • Classwork: 20%
  • Homework: 10%
  • Quizzes: 5%

Any assignment may be revised and resubmitted for a better grade up until the end of the semester. Any revisions must be extensive enough to warrant a higher grade, at my discretion.

ESUMS yearly grades are calculated as follows:

  • Marking Period 1: 20%
  • Marking Period 2: 20%
  • Midterm: 10%
  • Marking Period 3: 20%
  • Marking Period 4: 20%
  • Final: 10%

Extra Credit

Extra credit points are available on an extremely limited basis. Please do not ask me if you can bring up your grade with extra credit points. Opportunities may occasionally arise during class but requests for extra credit to improve will not be granted.

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Independent Reading

Independent reading is a requirement of English 1 and English 2. Each student is expected to have a book of their choosing with them during each and every class. By the end of each marking period, English 1 students are expected to submit a write-up of their independent reading book.
The Independent Reading Write-Up Guidelines are available for download as a PDF on Paper copies are available in the classroom at that time as well. Students must remember to register their Independent Reading book each marking period. A select number of books are available in our classroom library. Students may sign them out for in-class use.

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