The WASLEY ENGLISH Ticket Reward System

IMPRESSIVE behavior deserves to be recognized and rewarded!

Every student is expected to model the Six Classroom Expectations each day.

In Room 304, we will be:

Present – Positive – Kind – Respectful – Honest – Conscientious

How the Reward System Works

How do I earn tickets?

You earn tickets for displaying IMPRESSIVE behavior.

Examples of IMPRESSIVE Behavior: 

  • ticketsCompleting the DO NOW quickly and efficiently before class starts
  • Completing homework and classwork assignments on time
  • Staying on task while working with a partner or a group
  • Meaningfully helping a peer or the teacher
  • Using kind words and complimenting classmates
  • Keeping hands and feet to yourself
  • Keeping your workspace clean
  • Remaining in your seat during class
  • Contributing meaningfully to class discussions, including making strong arguments, building off classmate ideas, and presenting thoughtful counterpoints

Note: You will not receive a ticket EVERY time you display one of these behaviors. Therefore, you must work to display them consistently so that you are more likely to receive a ticket.

What do I do with my tickets?

  • When you receive a ticket, WRITE YOUR NAME ON IT IN INK
  • Check for a BONUS STICKER (see next page)
  • SAVE your ticket in a safe place until trade-in day

An “official” ticket must have:

  • Mrs. Wasley’s initials in ink
  • The date
  • Your name in ink

NOTE: If your ticket does not have the above, it is not considered an official ticket and it may not be traded in for a reward.

What if my ticket has a BONUS STICKER?

If your ticket has a BONUS sticker, let Mrs. Wasley know! You will instantly earn a bonus reward of 5 TICKETS.  You’ll get the reward immediately and keep your ticket for trade-in. (Bonus sticker tickets count as ONE ticket for trade-in.)

NOTE: Bonus sticker tickets are random. The more you earn, the more likely you are to get one!

How do I trade in my tickets?

Ticket trade-in days will be scheduled each month. Scheduled trade-in days for each month will be posted on and on the @wasleyenglish Instagram/Twitter so you can plan ahead. On these days, you may trade in as many of your tickets as you’d like.

Scheduled Trade-In Dates:

  • December 22 & 23
  • January 19 & 20
  • February 2 & 3
  • February 16 & 17
  • March  1 & 2

Ticket trade-in will occur in the last 5 minutes of class time on scheduled days.


    • Lost tickets will not be replaced. It is your responsibility to keep track of your tickets!
    • If you ask for a ticket, the answer will always be NO. Tickets are a privilege, not a right.
    • If you choose a food or class privilege reward, you will receive it during the following class.
    • If you choose a food or class privilege reward, you must remain on task for the class period or you will forfeit the reward. For example, if you choose to use your quiz pass, you must sit quietly during that time. If you do not, you will be required to complete the task at hand and will not receive your tickets back.